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Box of Calm & De-Stress


Gorgeous natural aromatherapy kit to help kids through the stresses and strains of exams. Maddie tells us how she is finding it really helpful with her GCSE revision and pressure. http://littlepotofmagic.com/exam-stress-survival-kit/

Rosemary is known for its ability to help with Memory and Focus so our Temple Balm is perfect during Exam time

CalmBalm RollOn is specifically made for times of Nerves and Stress- put on wrists and neck it’s is very soothing - for major panic attacks roll it up and down your inner forearm

Hormones! Well what can I say! Kids have that to deal with too and this is where our gorgeous chamomile Geranium& Lavender Cream can help too

Chamomile is Calming, Lavender Soothing and Geranium is an all powerful leveller- perfect for balancing out nature’s precious little addition to exam time can be used on hands, face and neck during the day but also at Bedtime- rubbed into the feet it will help relax an over worried mind and Sleep.

Also there is Lavender Mist- great if overheating misted over face or put on pillow or clothing PLUS a gorgeous Lavender Bath Creamer made with Cocoa and Shea Butter

Now, there is absolutely no reason why the rest of the family can’t be using this too- helping to help you help them

This whole set is perfect for anyone needing help getting through any of the difficult times in life- it’s a great set