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Back to School Purse Set for Calm with Certified Anti Viral, Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitiser


A beautiful purse with gold woven through containing the soothing Calm Balm Roll-On. This gorgeous blend is so comforting and calming when everything feels too much. This Blend contains Pure Essential Oils of Chamomile, Geranium and Lavender

Anxiety: One set of pressure points that should be used are called the k-27s. These are located under the corner of each collarbone. They work to reduce stress by improving the energy flow of your mind and body.

Panic: Gently massage the roll-on in a circular motion between thumb and forefinger. Also try massaging the rollerball at the back of the head, towards the neck.

Confusion and Fluster: Massage the rollerball using light pressure,on the temples. This will increase the oxygen to the brain and help you think clearer.

Hand Sanitiser Mist 50ml. This is a gentle and longlasting product. Suitable for sore and sensitive skin. Lightly mist just above your hands and rub in well with both hands. One spray is enough for each hand and the bottle will last much longer than the average hand gels. With 65% Pure Isopropyl Alcohol, Witchhazel, Water, Vegetable Glycerine and Pure Essential Oils of Teatree, Eucalyptus, Peppermint & Lavender. Government Certified Anti Viral and Anti Bacterial

60% isopropyl alcohol and above is anti viral strength.

Purse colours may vary