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Preview of Consultant Essentials Bundle for Affiliates


We have run out of stock for this item.

Essentials Bundle is the perfect wellness companion. It includes trusted, natural remedies for common first aid, home, aromatherapy, insomnia, pain, and skin conditions needs. Whether it's a minor cut, a headache, or a skin rash, this bundle provides a safe and effective way to address your needs.

Bundle Contains: 

11ml Big Chill Roll On

11ml Calm Balm Roll On

11ml Dreamtime

11ml MayChang Perfume Roll-On

Phoenix Roll On

11ml Time Of My Life

Calming Mist with Chamomile, Geranium & Lavender 50ml

Wild Lavender & Clary Sage 150ml Bath & Massage Oil

Orange sweet Essential Oil 10ml

Tea tree Essential Oil 10ml

30ml Phoenix Cream NEW

Little Pot Of Magic Cooling Gel NEW 18g

Rose Damascena Eye Gel 20g

Hand Sanitiser Mist 100ml- Certified Anti Viral and Anti Bacterial

15ml Temple Balm

15ml Chamomile Geranium & Lavender Cream

15ml Frankincense Rejuvinating Cream

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