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Zen Sandalwood Eye Gel 20ml


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Gently infused with eye bright, vitamin E and Sandalwood to help soothe puffy, tired eyes and hayfever irritation. Being an effective moisturizer as well as a skin lightening agent, sandalwood oil can be used to reduce the darkness under the eyes and we all need that!!

The gel base is made with aloe vera which has been used for centuries to moisturise, heal and protect the skin. It contains 18 amino acids that work together to heal and soothe dry, irritated skin, it also contains essential vitamins and minerals that help to fight off free radicals that may cause wrinkling.

The delicate skin under the eyes can become dry and irritated from cleansing the skin, sunbathing, dehydration and medications. Aloe vera gel may help return moisture back into skin because of its humectant capabilities. The light gel can help to keep the skin supple and smooth, while providing anti-inflammatory effects that help decrease those puffy under-eye bags.