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Daddy Cool Shaving Set

£30.00 £39.95

Experience a luxurious shave with the Daddy Cool Shaving Set.

This Gorgeous set contains our Amazing Zen Shaving Oil and Aftershave Gel.

So many men have come back to us saying this is the Best Shaving oil they have ever used with the all important razer rinsability. The blend of base oils is designed to lift the hair for a cleaner shave and moisturise. The Aftershave Gel contains aloe vera gel and vegetable glycerine which closes nd tightens pores. The incredible aroma of these two items go together beautifully..... loads of women use these items too for intense moisturisising and toning

Perfect for men and women, these two amazing products provide excellent moisturising and toning. Results? Best shaving oil and a more comfortable shave every time!