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TempleBalm Refresh


This will keep you cool and calm in the intense summer heat.

This is GORGEOUS.TempleBalm n a new serum pump bottle, this disperses just enough for one application. The Aloe gel is a wonderfully light and quick to absorb base to enable the essential oils to get straight to work. Really cooling too. Apply to temple or back of neck to help ease symptoms of headache and migraine. if you have any left on your finger tips and you have sore eyes from too much screen time, just dab along your cheek bones and gently tap the under eye area -Uhmazing! Helpful with hangovers, stress and anxierty too.... Also had several shop customers report back on the first day that their hayfever and sneezing had stopped within minutes. Safe to use with medication too.

Use the mist lightly just above your head so it falls over you as you breathe in, or mist clothes or pillow to help relieve headaches symptoms of migraine. Brilliant for refreshing "computer eyes" Peppermint & Rosemary. Do not mist your eyes.

Wild Lavender Soap and Bath Salts