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Cosmetic Testing On Animals

Herbs On The Hill totally rejects the use of animals for testing cosmetics. It is appreciated that there is an increased use of litigation on matters of safety in cosmetics and perfumery especially in the United States and the rest of the world will follow this trend. (This is one reason why perfumes are no longer sprayed on wrists, but put on cards). Both cosmetics and perfumes are composed of chemical compounds, many are extremely complex. New ones are emerging with increasing speed to satisfy an ever growing demand. At one time the various research institutes (RIFM and IFRA) regularly tested products, but this has significantly diminished.. The European Union has banned testing but the law has not yet been fully implemented.

As a company we make a statement to the effect that there is no justification for any animal testing and much of the 'science' used shows a poor understanding of both the anatomy and physiology of animals and their relationship with 'higher mammals'. There are sufficient alternative testing procedures available and the company feels that the European Directive to ban Animal Testing for cosmetics should be brought forward now instead of leaving it for a further year or more.

Our 'Position Statement' is that essential oils, absolutes and aroma chemicals that are supplied to you by Herbs On The Hill have never been tested on animals by us. We have not carried out any such testing, neither have we sponsored work to be carried out for us by any third party or research establishment.