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Feel Good, Feel Better

We make powerful natural aromatherapy some of which are used in NHS & by those with chronic conditions. Each of our products has undergone meticulous testing and evaluation and received the seal of approval from the MHRA (Medical Health Regulatory Authority). Additionally, they are compliant with Trading Standards and hold individual CPSR certifications, approved Cosmetic Product Safety Reports to ensure their safety and quality.

Herbs On The Hill, Frome

Hello from the Team

Hi, I'm Kate, Founder of Herbs On The Hill
I've been making perfumes, lotions and potions since I was a young child. If I wasnt in the garden pretending to be a flower fairy, I was picking herbs and blossoms to mix perfumes... losing myself in the beauty of the colourful, aromatic concoctions in the bathroom sink. I started my first business at 14 on a stall under Ledbury Market House. This is where my passion for business began. I feel fortunate to combine business with my love and knowledge of herbalism and aromatherapy.
Hi, I'm Kizzy, proud to be the Affiliate Program Manager for the Herbies
Here at Herbs On The Hill, I love that I get to be a part of something magical that sends out positive ripples into our world. We are a space of healing, peace, collaboration, and support. I will be helping you harness your own power and achieve any goals you have within our affiliate business.
Hi, I'm Nicole, Founding Affiliate for Netherlands, Belgium and Spain
I am absolutely in love with the handmade creams, soaps massage oils, and essential oils from Herbs on the Hill.I joined the Free affiliate program for personal discount and within months became the largest leader in Holland. Their products always leave me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I appreciate the natural ingredients used in their products, and the scents are truly heavenly. I trust their brand completely for their high quality and exceptional efficacy. I cannot imagine my daily wellness routine without the products from Herbs on the Hill! The response from customers and the affiliate growth in Holland is very exciting. They are becoming addicted to the natural and handmade products just like me ✌️
Hey there, I'm Kirsty a founding affiliate
Why I love being a herbs on the hill leader is because I absolutely adore these products and how much they help me and my family. I adore the community and all that herbs on the hill stands for and there amazing values. I love spreading positivity and helping others shine and herbs allows me to do that. 🤍💫🤍
Hello I'm Lisa, founding affilliate and program leader for Uk and Spain
Herbs On The Hill is a magical place to be and after using the products since 2016 my passion has truly evolved. I am here to help you release your passion and support you in your personal goals you have within the company. Let the love and magic begin !!!!
Hi! i am Jenny one of the founding affiliates and Leader for HOTH in UK & Australia
Herbs on the Hill has been a place of growth, development since March 2022 but also helped me change my life and move accross the world for myself and my little girl. Every day I learn some thing new and continuously grow in strength, knowledge and business building. Thru the powers of Essential Oils and natural therapy I can help people and use my pharmacy background and love of natural healing to create a bright future for my little lady.
Hi, I'm Natasha, Social Media Coach and Founding Affiliate for Herbs On The Hill Consultant Program
I was born to be an entrepreneur, I just knew from day one it was what I wanted to do, I crave freedom, I crave living life on my terms....and now I buzz about teaching other women to do the same!
9 Types of Rest - LoveHerbsOnTheHill.com

9 Types of Rest

9 Types of Rest

1. Time Away: 🌿 Aromatherapy can make any space feel like a sanctuary, even if you’re just stepping into another room. #Lavender or #Chamomile can bring a sense of peace and relaxation, making your time away feel like a true escape. #TimeAway #Sanctuary #RelaxWithAroma

2. Permission to Not Be Helpful: 🙌 In moments when you choose to step back and not be the go-to person for others, essential oils like #frankincense or #sandalwood can help ground you, promoting a sense of inner peace and self-compassion. #SelfCare #InnerPeace #AromatherapySelfLove

3. Engaging in Something “Unproductive”: 🎨 Whether it’s #doodling, daydreaming, or simply sitting and breathing, diffusing uplifting #citrus oils like #orange, #maychang or #lemon can enhance your mood, making your unproductive time feel more fulfilling. #CreativeRest #CitrusBoost #MoodEnhancer

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