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Zen Aftershave Gel


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Aloe Vera serves a powerful purpose for Men´s skin after shaving. Thanks to the combination of a great set of its natural properties the gel of the plant becomes a powerful moisturiser, regenerating and soothing.

Our Aftershave Gel is made with the purest Aloe Vera and we have added Howood & Bergamot which gives this a fresh green citrus yet earthy aroma, soothing and calming the skin after shaving. The gel has a soft and refreshing texture, of easy absorption and paraben-free that leave the skin hydrated and relaxed. With added vegetable glycerine it tightens the skin and fine lines too.

This is amazing on top of our shaving oil....many of our customers say its the best they have ever used with easy rinsability, moisturising and also lifts the hair to enable a really close shave and glide.